“Great News for the Scaffolding Industry”

Scaffolders Liability Insurance

We are pleased to announce that Steadfast NSG has recently renegotiated extremely competitive terms and conditions tailored specifically for the Scaffolding Industry. The Broadform Public and Products Liability we have negotiated has minimum exclusions.

The insurer is APRA approved, global insurer, Lloyd’s of London (100%) via Miramar Underwriters with Australian jurisdiction and quality credit ratings.

The terms offered are exclusive to Steadfast NSG and are excellent when considering the cover offered. For example:

  • Highly competitive premiums
  • Excellent benefits
  • The Insurer covers the Insured for the Liability of Sub-Contractor(s).
  • There is no “Worker to Worker” Exclusion.
  • Limit(s) of Indemnity are up to $ 50,000,000.

Further, we have managed to have the Steadfast Broadform Public & Products Liability Wording. For further information in relation to this extension please see the Brochure which is available from this page or our Document Library on this website.

Steadfast NSG Insurance Brokers will also pay Commissions on both New Business & Renewals to the Placing Broker.